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Guy Marks: Union President

Professor Guy Marks has taken over the position of President of The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease at the closing ceremony of the Union’s annual conference in Hyderabad.

Professor Marks has served as the Union’s Vice President since 2014.

“The Union is concerned with reducing suffering from tuberculosis and lung diseases, with prevention, and better care,” Professor Marks said at the closing ceremony. “The burden of these diseases is vast. Our role is the generation of knowledge and translating it into practice.

“Justice and respect have always guided the Union’s work. We try to ensure that no-one is left behind and resources are fairly shared.”

Professor Marks listed among the Union’s challenges the need to address funding models, to renew its role as a voice for TB, and to exercise global and strategic leadership. “To be a Union of all affected groups,” he said. “My role is as chairman of the board of directors, to raise issues and provide advice.”

The Union’s next meeting is in Seville in October 2020.

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