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Management of Tuberculosis: a guide for clinicians

TB-CRE investigators and associates provide a useful guide for Australian practitioners in the management of TB, published in ebook format by the TB Forum.

Australia enjoys a vibrant migrant population and travel amongst our neighbours in the Asia- and Indo-Pacific. However, the economic development of our trading partners in this region is seriously impacted by the burden of TB in their countries. While TB is an uncommon disease in Australia, it is essential that Australian clinicians deliver expert and careful management to the cases that do arise, especially as our population of new Australians increases, and our tourism industry flourishes, bringing with it more opportunities for exposure to TB. Fortunately, TB is a disease treatable with antibiotics, but its successful management requires informed clinicians.

The TB Forum has published an extensively updated edition of "Management of Tuberculosis", edited and composed by many of the TB-CRE's key investigators. The book, available in ebook format here, includes approaches to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all forms of tuberculosis, including adverse effect management, drug-resistant organisms and special settings such as pregnancy. Chapters are also included on BCG vaccination and non-tuberculous mycobacteria.

Highlighting the relevance of this guide, Australia is a signatory to the WHO “Framework towards TB elimination in low-incidence countries”, which commits us to reduce the pool of latent infection from which future TB cases will arise. This includes 5% of the Australian population. It is therefore essential for Australian practitioners to have the tools necessary to diagnose, treat, and manage TB cases in Australia. This guide is a critical resource for any clinician committed to reducing the impact of TB in Australia.

You can order your copy of "Management of Tuberculosis: A guide for clinicians" from booktopia here.

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