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Tuberculosis in Australia and Low-Incidence Countries

Two recent publications from TB-CRE investigators highlight the challenges and opportunities in TB control in migrants in low-incidence TB settings.

The TB-CRE is pleased to highlight:

Estimating Long-term Tuberculosis Reactivation Rates in Australian Migrants, a study of latent TB prevalences in Australian migrant cohorts to quantify rates of TB reactivation after migration.

Article available here.


Tuberculosis in migrants – screening, surveillance and ethics, a review which provides a brief overview of the different screening approaches and surveillance processes that are in place in low TB incidence countries.

PDF available here.

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c tee
c tee

Had you include 1987 in your data for "Estimating Long-term Tuberculosis Reactivation Rates in Australian Migrants,", you would have come across details of how a student, adopted from Nepal ten years prior, had a re-action, giving the entire grade 6 class at The Patch Primary School, TB!

I attended Fairfield Hospital once a month for a year for x-rays, and was given medication, three tablets one a day.

I have a few questions about it. As you can imagine......

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