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Who we are

The Centre of Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control on Both Sides of our Border is an interdisciplinary Centre of Research Excellence funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council over 5 years. 

We support world-class research aimed to improve TB control in Australia and our region through new and existing research initiatives on public health and clinical interventions, epidemiological studies and laboratory science approaches to provide new tools for TB control and prevention.

The Centre for Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control is a collaborative Centre that brings together numerous research institutes and hospitals with objectives  to:

    1. Design new strategies to improve global TB control.

        2. Develop and test new TB treatment approaches to deliver more effective care.

          3. Implement our strategies in communities in Australia and Asia Pacific.

            4. Train the next generation of TB researchers and clinicians in  Australia and Asia Pacific.

Our chief Investigators

Our Chief investigators Investigators are from organization from around Australia in the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne and James Cook University, as well as the Centenary Institute and Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.

Warwick Britton_edited.jpg

Professor Warwick Britton

Ben Marais_Photo_2018_edited.jpg


Ben Marais

Guy Marks_edited.jpg


Guy Marks

Greg Fox copy greyscale.jpeg

Gregory Fox

Emma McBryde 2 copy BW.jpg


Emma McBryde

Bernadette-Saunders copy BW.jpg

Associate Professor
Bernadette Saunders

Vitali Sintchenko copy BW.jpg

Professor Vitali Sintchenko

Steve Graham copy BW.jpg


Stephen Graham

Jamie Triccas copy BW.jpg


Jamie Triccas

Justin Denholm copy BW.jpg

Associate Professor

Justin Denholm

Our Affiliates

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