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2019 Seed Funding Awardees Announced

The TB-CRE has the immense pleasure to announce the recipients of our Seed Funding Award for the 2019 round!

The TB-CRE supports world-class research aimed to improve TB control in Australia and our region through new and existing research initiatives on public health and clinical interventions, epidemiological studies and laboratory science approaches to provide new tools for TB control and prevention.

The small project support program provides seed funding (up to $15-20,000) for pilot projects, systematic reviews or other strategic activities aligned with the TB-CRE mandate.


We are delighted to congratulate our successful projects and investigators;

🌱 Professor Steve Graham and Dr Kathryn Snow

Establishing an international registry for tuberculosis in pregnancy

🌱 Dr James Trauer, Professor Jamie Triccas, and Associate Professor Greg Fox

Modelling novel vaccine effectiveness in TB-endemic populations to maximise impact

🌱 Professor Warwick Britton, Dr Diana Quan, and Professor Jamie Triccas

How does cigarette smoking impact the progression of TB disease and efficacy of TB vaccination?

🌱 Professor Vitali Sintchenko, Professor Ben Marais, Associate Professor Greg Fox, and Dr Kavindhran Velen

Personalised drug-resistant TB treatment – preparing the way for studies in Vietnam

🌱 Dr G. Khai Lin Huang, Dr Philipp du Cros & Dr Suman Majumda

Optimising treatment regimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis in Daru, PNG

🌱 Dr Bernadette Saunders

Probiotics and anti-inflammatory mediators to reduce tuberculosis associated inflammatory disease

🌱 Lisa Redwood & Associate Professor Greg Fox

The development of a TB consumer advisory and advocacy committee in Hanoi, Vietnam

Congratulations to all our awardees! For invoicing updates please don't hesitate to contact us here.

Seed Funding Applications for our 2020 round will open in November 2019. To keep in touch with our events and announcements, don't forget to subscribe to our monthly briefing and check back on our website regularly.

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