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Recorded TRU Sessions 

The TB-CRE holds monthly sessions aimed at Early Career Researchers and students within Tuberculosis research and adjacent fields. The sessions present research findings and resources for building researcher skills and offer a forum for discussion with peers. 

Sessions are open to all interested parties. You can Zoom in on our Events page, or contact Chris by email to be added to the TRU mailing list. 

Sessions where presenters are happy to be recorded and discussions with participants are posted below.

You can join in the discussion or ask questions of the participants in the comments for the recordings. 

Image from original Nature survey (here)

Career planning for Post-Docs (3rd February 2021)

Dr Diana Quan presents Nature’s inaugural survey of postdocs in academia worldwide and discusses the data indicating a pervasive sense of instability. The TB-CRE ECR group and Professor Warwick Britton discuss their own experiences with career planning within Academia, and what we can do to achieve success and decide what that means for us personally. 


You can sign up for mentoring to help you with your career planing here.