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WHO rapid communication on updated guidance for the management of TB in children and adolescents


Our TB-CRE Chief Investigator Prof Steve Graham contributed to drafting the recent important updates to WHO guidance on the management of tuberculosis (TB) in children and adolescents. The updates include new recommendations on diagnostic options, treatment regimens, treatment decision algorithms, and optimal models of care for the delivery of child and adolescent TB services.

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2020 / 2021 Publications by theme:

Developing efficient active TB case finding strategies, new models of care to reduce TB mortality and improve outcomes, TB importation into Australia

Household contact/community screening and treatment of LTBI, and developing optimal approaches for LTBI management in Australia

Drug resistance surveillance, clinical trials, personalised treatment of TB and the role of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Pharmacokinetics, and vaccine development

Child and adolescent TB, co-morbidities

Theme 1: FInd and treat 

Find and Treat Papers

Theme 2: Prevent 

Theme 2 Prevent

Theme 3: Emerging Drug-Resistant TB

Theme 3: Emerging Drug-Resistant TB

Theme 4: Vulnerable Populations

Theme 4: Vulnerable Populations

2020 Publications (early)

TB-CRE Investigator TB-related publications

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