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Mapping tuberculosis treatment outcomes in Ethiopia

TB-CRE investigators interrogate poor TB treatment outcomes across Ethiopia and provide a map of 'hot spot' regions to target for improved country-wide TB control.

The prevalence of poor TB treatment outcomes varied substantially across districts and zones in Ethiopia. This variability was significantly associated with underlying differences in zone–level socioeconomic status, knowledge about TB, and mean annual temperature. Hot spots of poor TB treatment outcomes were observed in districts located in the border region of Ethiopia (i.e. Afar, Somalia, and Gambelia regions), where pastoralist communities live. Cold spots were present in districts located in central Ethiopia (i.e. in Amhara and Oromia region). Clinical and public health interventions should be targeted to hot spot areas to improve TB treatment outcomes and to achieve the national End-TB Strategy targets.

Alene KA, Viney KA, Gray DJ, McBryde ES, Wagnew M, Clements ACA. BMC Infectious Diseases 2019:19:474

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